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G&P QD 'Battery Store' Foregrip

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I recently ordered a couple of these from AirsoftPeak. At 80% off in the daily sale, this was -needless to say- a brilliant deal.

I bought one in black and another in OD. Altogether, the full price came to £8.35!


It's probably worth mentioning that if I remember correctly, I ordered these on the 5th June and they arrived the 12th, which is excellent from Hong Kong.




Modeled on the C8 Storm pistol grip, it features deep grooves on the backstrap and a diamond texture on the sides. Here are some comparison photographs between the two, both made by G&P.




A nice feature is the textured lever of the locking system. It too has a raised, diamond style surface on the end, which makes it easier to use.


Having heard good things about G&P externals, and considering the price these usually go for, I expected excellent quality. I'm not disappointed either.

Out of the package I noticed they have a nice weight to them. The quick-detach mechanism itself feels very sturdy and secure.



At first, the latch which holds the trapdoor can be hard to access. However, it is not something I will be opening often anyway. The strength of the design, as well as the reassuring sound of the hatch clicking into place, encourages me that this will not break simply after minimal use.


Tested on my Umarex (S&T) G36C, it fit absolutely solid on the Picatinny rail. I experienced literally no wobble and, just as I thought, no play between the components of the grip itself either.





The only complaint I have, is that the grip is slightly too small for my large size hands. Therefore it is not as comfortable as it could be for me. Of course, if you have smaller hands, then this shouldn't even be a problem at all. The price is also a downside to this product. You may have worked it out when I mentioned the price was reduced by 80%.


Previously, AirsoftPeak sold this at $34 USD, which is roughly £20. In the United Kingdom, it is available from Land Warrior Airsoft for £25. Fortunately, I have found you can buy it for $24.64 shipped (or just under £15) from eHobby Asia


Final Thoughts and Conclusion


As the name suggests, the storage compartment could be used to hold batteries, although I would recommend against this due to the inevitable rattling. I would much rather store them in a utility pouch or admin panel. Alternatively, a small cleaning cloth or soft, similarly sized object would be suitable for storing inside.


If you're in the market for an superb quality foregrip attachment, I would look no further than this. However, I would also enthusiastically suggest one of the more inexpensive grips from G&P such as the QD Raider or Stubby Raider, both ~ £10 shipped from eHobby Asia. The latter is £15.50 from Fire Support.


Thanks for reading the review, any constructive criticism is welcomed and if you would like to see something else about the grip included in this review don't hesitate to ask.

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