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OP Deadfiles July 12th-13th 24 hr event

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July 12th-13th 24 hr event

OP Deadfiles

July 12th-13th 24 HR event Site1 Ceri forest.

Despite the failure of an arms and munitions convoy headed up by Nato
forces for the Syrian militia, militia fighters on Sunday claimed a major
scalp when they killed the head of the regime's air defence force in a battle east of Damascus.

General Isaac was not the most senior officer to have been killed in the uprising and intel reports confirm that both the air defence plans and strategic air strike plans for upcoming air missions where all retrieved upon his death, but his death is a symbolic blow to the regime as it tries to consolidate advances against the militia rebels in the centre and north of the country.

It was not clear how the general met his end, with reports saying he had died of his injuries. But the regime has been launching attacks around Damascus and in the south of the country to ward off a gradual encroachment of opposition forces, newly fortified with more advanced weaponry believed to have been supplied by Saudi Arabia with the approval of the United States, the Syrian militia are believed to have the special forces Syrian army held up in a woodland area just south of Damascus.

The ability of the rebels to hold ground in the south contrasts with the splits that have bedevilled them in the north of the country, where regime forces have nearly surrounded Aleppo as the Islamic Front and the Free Syrian Army continue to fight on two fronts, the other being against the militant Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.

15 Division SFSA.
DPM, Flectarn, woodland camo.


Don’t let any of the future flight plans fall into the hands of the militia.

Defend the local area at all costs.

Patrol the local area for militia fighters and deter any advancement onto your location.

Use any specialist weapons such as support weapons and mortars obtained from the previous
failed mission to good effect.

Defend the weapons and munitions obtained during the failed Nato mission.

Gather intel from enemy forces on potential incursion points potential enemy numbers in the area.

Ensure the files are moved to the exfil point at 12.00 hrs Sunday

Syrian Militia
MTP, Desert, desert and fg atacs or special forces loadouts


Locate and find the flight plans which are being held by a tier1 member of the Syrian Special Forces.

Locate enemy strong holds and either destroy them or take them and use them to your advantage.

Search the forested area for the Syrian Special Forces.

Gather intel from enemy forces on potential strong holds and any weapons and munitions which are in the area as well as fuel and ammo depots in the area,

Do not allow the files to be moved to the exfil point at 12.00 hrs Sunday.


15 Division SFSA.
Sam Ingham

Syrian Militia.

Danny Richmond
Unassigned players

Ron Mahoney
Jay Johnson
Graham Allan
Michael Corcoran
Warren Ganser


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