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ICS 42W Review

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Gun Name and maker:
FPS: 300 - 350 (It's rather inconsistent)
Hop up: G36 Style (Easy to use)
Mag Capacity: 300 x2
Battery: Mini Tamyia (I'm running 8.4v 1600mah)
Plastic/Metal/Both: Barrel and internals are metal, the rest is plastic

My opinion and overall comments:

This gun is a great option for CQB and field. My theory is that at the store I got it, they did a spring downgrade so it's shooting 310 fps for me. The split gearbox is great for changing FPS and could potentially be a DMR. Also gives you the capability to upgrade your gearbox (not sure why you would) The only negative is the shroud and barrel are quite wobbly and not too firm. I'm rating this 8/10 because of the upgrade capability on this gun. It's good quality, light and I recommend this to all beginners.

Overall rating:

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