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Picatinny Rail Tripod Mount Adapter

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Vortex Optics Picatinny Rail Tripod Adapter Mount


So, this wee timorous beasty seems to be very rare, which is exceedingly annoying since it is a small chunk of mild steel which any enterprising student with access to the average college metal shop could knock up in a couple of hours. So potentially useful is this little fucker however that I was prepared to at least consider buying it from the USA. I mean, while the USD continues its inexorable decline towards that value which represents the worth of goods and services which can be obtained from Americans, as opposed to the worth of Saudi, Kuwaiti, and Iraqi oil (& obviously it has a long way to go yet lol), 25 bucks isn't such a kick in the stones... although once shipping and import VAT/duty is added it may have become silly.


But I will never know, because this item is not for sale outside the good ol' US of A. No doubt they are concerned that the Taliban may do what I am considering and use any of a number of NV equipped devices in conjunction with a red dot sight. My question therefore comrades is this: does anyone know where I can get one in the UK/Europe/HK/China? Or of someone who would have a bash at making one?

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