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Hi everyone,


So, I'm Yuriski. I'm pretty new to airsoft (got my AEG last Christmas) and have been looking for a good place to get some beginner tips and advice, as well as meet a few people. Currently, all I have is my MP5, and a few dodgy spring pistols (waste of money, I know): I'm also planning on getting a decent German uniform with flecktarn camouflage as my first loadout, so if any of you know where to get a hold of some odds and ends, I'd really appreciate it (affordable goggles that fit over glasses would also be a big help!).


Look forward to discussing things with you all.

- Yuriski.


Quick Edit: The actual flecktarn site seems to have pretty reasonable costs, so I'm all checked out uniform and tac-vest wise. Anyone with knowledge of a nice pair of goggles would be appreciated though!

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Welcome to the forums! What brand is your MP5 mate?

Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of goggles that will comfortably fit over glasses, as far as I know. My dad has to wear glasses and finds it difficult.

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Thanks! It's an Umarex MP5A3 - cost around £120 from my knowledge (got it from a small airsoft retailer located in Hollybush, for those who may know where I mean). I've also purchased a rail, as well as a red/green dot, a few extra magazines and a cheapish gun bag to transport it in.


The only goggles I could really find were goggles that are glazed over by an optician with your prescription, however they are very expensive (for a beginner, at least.)


Heres a link to the MP5: http://www.airsoftopia.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=14&products_id=48

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