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OP Archangel (Sept 13th-14th) 24hr E&E With a twist.

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OP Archangel 24 hr E&E With a twist.


Sept 13th-14th 24HR event Site1 Ceri forest.


Should you decide to sign up to this event as Russian forces then please pm me and we'll add you under a different name.


Spetsnaz Special Forces from alpha group GRU have supplied a lead element of 6 scout sniper teams who have been deployed from their base in the southern district of Russia. The main tasking is to take out 2 key figures of the Ukrainian militia.


However during the infil both key targets gave the command to deploy SAM rockets and shot down 2 Russian Mi-26 helicopter troop carrier helicopters in separate areas of a large forested area on the outskirts of the Crimea region in the Ukraine. During the attack both sets of pilots gave the order to ditch all kit in an attempt to lighten the load prior to impact.


FSB have intercepted icom chatter giving a rough outline on their position and that they are currently patrolling the forest for any survivors and intel they may have with regards to the ongoing situation in the Crimea region.


The four pilots of the downed gunships survived the attack as well as the sniper teams and require an immediate extract, unfortunately for them the kremlin have advised they will firstly have to locate any possible intel around the crash site area and if their equipment is serviceable then they are to carry on with the mission and make it to extract at 12.00hrs the following day.


Ukrainian Militia.


Key targets. 2 Places.




Black military type jacket black beanie or pukol and a cam chest rig or plate carrier.


Unlimited places for the militia


Alan Sladen

Damian Sladen
Deano Bore
Sam Ingham
William Pethard Llb
Michael Corcoran
John Milosevic
Jamie He + 110 milispec landrover
Samantha Allen






Anything goes. Bring everything




Protect the key members of the militia.


Defend the SAM sites.


Patrol the local areas for the downed pilots and any potential threat from enemy forces.


Locate all of the pilots and the sniper teams, interrogate them on their mission brief and retrieve any intel which they may be carrying.





Mr Maverick

Mr Goose


4 Places


Uniform: OD coveralls or OD uniform.




Pistol with one mag only.




Avoid capture at all costs.


Survive the 24hrs until exfill.


Assist the sniper teams should the opportunity arise.


Sniper units.


Sniper Team 1


Mr Smith 1

Mr Smith 2


Sniper Team2


Sniper Team3


Sniper Team4


Sniper Team5


Sniper Team6



12 places. 6 teams


Uniform: Ghillie suits or any other type of sniper cam.




Locate as much of your kit which you require to complete the mission.


Search the local area for the key militia figures and gain as much intel as possible, from weapons and munitions to enemy numbers and vehicles etc.

The high profile militia targets must be PID’d photos taken if possible and the kill shot taken should should the opportunity present itself.

Locate and kill the high value targets.


Link up with the downed pilots prior to extract.


If the sniper teams or pilots are captured they will have a 2hr interrogation time frame. After the 2hrs is up you will then merge into the the militia team and assist as new team members.

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