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Hunting for that Dream H&K part two

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While I've given up hope for the latest version of the G36 (probably far too soon for airsoft), I've tracked down a seemingly viable alternative at JD Airsoft, a Well g36 999E. I had a quick feel in the shop and was happily surprised at how light it was even with the attached bipods.


Only things is as it's £250ish I wanted to fully research it first but I spent a considerable sum (for me at least). I can not for the life of me find any reviews and I've heard mixed things about Well. Can anyone answer;


1) Are there any reviews/first hand experience that you know of?

2) If good are there any viable drum mags for this model?

3) "" for a decent scope


If awful I'm open to saving up more for a better model. Granted my ideas are not a standard issue variant but sod it I just fancied something a bit more unique. Awkward question(s) I know but any help it much appreciated :)


Oh and nearly forgot the link are:

JD AIRSOFT; https://jdairsoft.net/primary/assault/96/we-999e-black

Well; http://www.weairsoft.com/guns/aeg-automatic-electric-gun/999e-aeg.html

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Hi. I just want to point out that its WE not Well. I believe Well make a G36 lpeg (aeg) that is cheap rubbish, so make sure you are searching for a WE G36 and not a Well one :)


As for a review, here is one: ( http://airsoftodyssey.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/we-g999c-review.html )

It applies to the compact model however the internals should be exactly the same, bar the barrel length and cylinder port.


Drum mags are available from a few places though they are not always in stock. This site has a few at the moment: ( http://www.justbbguns.co.uk/product/70/Magazines/149/Rifle-Magazines/758/2300-ROUND-SR36 )

It will almost certainly fit, as long as the WE model takes regular G36 aeg mags (which it likely does).


As for a scope, look around, there are tons of options. Personally I suggest something relatively cheap as it could get damaged on the field!


Hope this helps!



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Cheers chaps. I did know it was a WE but even on an airsoft forum, autocorrect fails find a way lol

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