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Comestic Surgery on TM M4 S-System

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Hi, I have a TM M4 S-System that i have had for quite a while now, and honestly i think it looks ugly, i was debating on whether to get a new gun or just spend like £100+ or so to make it look a whole lot better, internally the gun is good, but external it looks like crap. I am wanting to go for a MK18 look, and i am wondering is it possible with this gun? I hear that the TM S-Systems have a different Outer barrel than most M4's, or is that not a problem at all?. I would like some ideas, like what rails, accessories to put on etc etc.


Another problem that i would run into is the wiring, the battery is wired to the front of the battery, Is there anyway to wire it to the stock tube or is a new body required to do that ?

Links to the products that i would need would be very appreciated. This will become my little project build to use this coming july.


Thank you very much


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A quick google search came up with this: http://www.airsoftworld.net/cyma-m4-ras-ii-aeg-airsoft-rifle-cm005.html


Haven't found any conversion kits or anything as of yet, but the description from the above link says it should be fully compatible with Tokyo Marui rifles. So it's a bit more expensive than a conversion would be but not as expensive as I thought it would be, so it could be an option.

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