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new airsoft law in Scotland?

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Ok so ive vaugley seen a story on a new law or something that is happenihg in scotland to do with stupud fps limits n stuff.

Does anyone know the facts and whats your opinions?


Pearsonally Im concerned, as I said in a nother post , airsoft is growing witch means more spotlight on us from government.


And im guessing it will have a big impact on the scott youtubers like epic and scoutte.

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From what I've heard, Scotland want to either ban or license airguns; which will apparently include airsoft guns of they are able to change the laws surrounding airguns.


there is an active petition which you can sign on change.org which I'll link tomorrow if you want?

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The twats over at Hollyrood are trying to pass a law which classes any projectile firing "weapon" which has a power of over 1 Joule of energy (about 320 FPS) as an Air Rifle, and must be liscenced as such (the new license is about £50 or so a year, apparently). Oh aye, and under 18s can't get licenced ether, so players like my younger brother wouldn't be able to play unless they have a relarive who is licenced and on site with them.

The proposed bill makes no mention specifically to airsoft weapons, but it will piss me the fuck off if it concerns us.


And it won't remove the effects of the VCRA either. So we sill need the UKARA stuff too. Fucking fucks...

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