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Ace Airsoft War Games

New World Order - "Distribution" Airsoft Game Wolverhampton 1 / 6 / 14

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New World Order - Distribution

Robert Phoenix (pictured) is the CEO and founder of the “Order's” industrial leg Phoenix Pharmaceuticals Corporation. According to “R Wing” intelligence reports, not only do Phoenix manufacture fully legal medicines but they also have a darker side to the corporation that being the manufacture, processing and distribution of very illegal narcotics, Phoenix is fully aware of what is going on and yet turns a blind eye as the “Order’s” accountants fill his bank account to the brim each month, they are literally bleeding the worldwide economy dry as they try to get as many countries hooked on this filth as possible in order to dominate and control the population.

In order to avoid world unrest “R Wing” have ordered a bounty on Phoenix's head and a warrant for his arrest.

Phoenix Pharmaceuticals Corporation has a manufacture and processing facility next to the main waterway artery of the western world the Cosford Delta. The Cosford Delta has a network of tributaries leading to other states and ports and is maintained and secured under the watchful eye of the heavily armed sister company Phoenix Security.



  • Part 1: Stop the supply chain.

    At the beginning of each month Phoenix has a shipment of product that leaves the processing plant and heads towards a speed boat moored at the Cosford Delta dock yard. The product has to be transported across a very disturbed land and hence escorted by Phoenix Security to get to the waiting speedboat. We know from reconnaissance that each small security team only ever take one product package at a time for fear of losing the whole consignment. Our job is to find and secure the speedboat and then put the factory to rest. We must stop each shipment from reaching the docks and being lost forever for once it reaches the speedboat it cannot be retrieved.
    “R Wing” must capture each package and get it to the extraction point where transport will take it away as evidence ready for the trial.
    There is also an important piece of manufacturing equipment within the confines of the plant that needs extracting, the retrieval of which will be paramount to the overall success of “R Wing” operations.

  • Part 2: Destruction of the Processing Plant.

  • Part 3: The Capture of Richard Phoenix

  • Part 4: The Execution (Hanging) of Richard Phoenix


Walk on £30 (pre booking online required & pay on the day)

Limited Hires Weapons & Kit available (Gun, Magazine, 1,000 rnds Ammo & Mask)
(Pre booking & payment online required).


Booking Link:


Gates open at 08:30
Gates close at 09:00

Games end at 16:30 Approx.

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