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CrossDraw Tactical Assault vest - help and advice!

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Maybe I should be a little clearer; I'm the one in need of help and advice. If you clicked here hoping I could help YOU, I apologise.


Now, on to my problem...


I'm looking for my first tac vest, my rifle is a Tokyo Marui G36c.


After looking around, I decided I didn't want to go the webbing route due to lack of knowledge, waaaay too many options and of course, price. So I found a couple of all-in-one vests but really took a liking to the ones with a cross draw holster. I ordered, a day later there it is. Chuffed to bits but alas, the main magazine pouches can only take an M4/M16 size mag. The G36 size mag simply wouldn't go in.


So that vest went back. :(


After hunting around some more, I cannot for the life of me find anything that states it is able to take this size of mag AND has a cross draw. The closest so far has been from flecktarn.co.uk. It's a web tex cross draw in black.


I was just wondering if anyone has actually encountered this problem themselves or if they know of something that fits my wants and needs?


Your help is greatly appreciated. ( in advance)

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