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First shots on my HPA rig....

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Am pretty impressed with the first mock up with my HPA rig on my M700, dead simple to install.


Need to fine tune the psi as the 100psi was giving me a pretty consistent 440fps with 0.4g BBs. I think 0.4g should be pretty much 350fps if I read the chart correctly?





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Have just had another fiddle, running at 80psi (ish) on 0.2g BBs, now getting just shy of the magic 500fps :-)



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the tank can hold 4500psi, I can only fill it to 3000/3500psi though currently. Should be good for around 2000 shots at least I'd imagine. Currently the gun isn't really set up to skirmish and have not tried it outside of my house and have only fired shots while adjusting the reducer valve to get close to the 500fps. It seems to currently vary by around 10fps but the mag was leaking a little and without putting multiple rounds through it I have no in depth data yet.


It is pretty quiet without one so imagine it'd be almost silent with one, they not my thing tho, I like noisy guns! :D


This M700 will be a secondary weapon when skirmishing, to reach out to welcome folk who think they are out of my G5's/RM4's range :-)

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