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Hey guys!

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Hi everyone, I'm new here and so thought I'd make a thread to.. Err.. well... Say hi.

I'm Steve and relatively new to air soft I went once then ended up spun king a fortune on gear.. As you do.


This is my rifle, it's a VFC M4 ES Recon and Ive put on a ACOG (with real working fibre woop) QD suppressor and vertical foregrip.








I live in Bradford so go to my local skirmishes at Cerberus Airsoft, mainly the sandpit. Here's a quick couple of pics of me last weekend so you can see my load out and best metal gear solid sneakiness!






I look forward to hopefully getting to know you guys and contributing to site.



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Welcome to the site mate :)

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Cheers, I'm still new to airsoft but I'm learning something new all the time. I'll be tackling an R hop install soon so that'll be fun lol

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