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Much misery, car roke down on way to first skirmish at Northern Alliance!

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Well, there we were, on the way to Northern Alliance in North Yorks, just down the road at Dishforth and the car died.

RAC dragged us home again :(

So no shooting anyone this weekend.

Heard lots of good stuff about NA and was looking forward to their 'Semi CQB' site on the edge of the Dishforth RAF base. They have some of the old Bunkers and Bomb Stores as part of their site.


They do a good lunch as well by all accounds.


Ha well, Next Sunday it is then.

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Bummer. As you say though, there's next weekend. Hope it was something poxy and cheap to replace?


Geoffreym's car is fucked too...


Do we have another so we can all go... wooo, spooky?

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