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no hop arm in l96

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Basicly I got a well warrior l96, took it to a skirm and was shooting bad, took it home, stripped it for a clean.

Noticed the hop arm was smashed into pieces, so took the shards out, cleaned etc.

Now it has no hop arm, but shoots very well.....seems to anyway.

Will it cause any damage to rifle if i shoot without a hop arm.



And yes, I have got a metal hop arm on order :)

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The bucking catches the BB whether an arm is pushing on it or not, they tend to protrude some amount into the barrel by default (mine does anyway). You get some amount of hop up effect without the arm pushing it down although it will be reduced and its probably moving about as the BBs pass. You may find that the hop up produces less consistency as an impact (less accuracy).


Hop up units aren't that expensive comparatively and they are so important for range that you should probably go about getting it replaced as soon as you can.

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