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SLS type drop leg holster - from Taiwangun.com

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I recently purchased a Safariland SLS6004 style holster for my M9A1 with tactical light as the Viper adjustable one I was using just wasn't secure enough considering the weight of the gun.


The product can be found here: http://www.taiwangun.com/en/sls-type-leg-holster-for-beretta-92-black-acm and is spectacularly cheap at a little over £23 plus postage.




The holster apes the originals SLS or Self Locking System which is basically the latched hood where a thumb break would normally be. there is a strong and rather stiff leg panel which holds pretty securely using two leg straps. The part of the leg strap that is sticking out to the right in the picture is actually elasticated so it works better than the Viper one just because it holds tighter!


The gun itself is a Socom Gear M9A1. It's all metal and is pretty hefty. The torch is a Nextorch WL10 which is a pretty slim, single cell style torch. The holster will take a Surefire X300 double cell style one as well.


The gun fits in quite easily and the top of the slide is held in place quite well by the moulded shape of the holster, front to back (as you look down on the handgrip) though it's quite loose which results in it rattling about like mad when you run. The gun will not fall out as long as the SLS hood is in place but it does make you sound like a tactical maraca!


In use, the hood is cleared out of the way by pushing down and forward; there's a little moulded button on the leg side of the hood to help with this. It felt a little clumsy to start with but once you've tried it a few times it's pretty intuitive.


The holster needs to sit fairly high though as the bottom corner of the leg panel can cut into the back of your knee if it's worn too low.


Overall I'm pretty happy with the holster. It is very sturdy and fits my weapon of choice WITH the torch, it holds securely with the SLS hood and it was let's face it, cheap as chips. I'm going to try lining it with something to lessen the rattling (which may just be down to my choice of torch not filling the space) but other than that, it's so good I'll be selling the Viper one!

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