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Ares L85 gearbox help

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Hi there guys, reposting this from zeroin incase anyone over here can help.

Stupidly I opened up the gearbox of my Ares L85 to look for a possible airseal problem however now I can not get it all back together and working. So if there is anyone who is good with gearboxes and has an Ares L85 could they possibly make a video or help me with reconstructing mine?

My closest shop if an hour away so I only want to take it there if it is the last thing.


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Worst gun to take apart. Ever. Hands down.

But, there are a couple of guys who are well versed in it on Facebook, look for the "SA80 Owners Club" group and post something in there asking for help, ought to be someone on there who can help you.

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