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New Team - Sinister 616

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Welcome to my team page.


We are a new team formed from other teams all with the same goal. At one of our previous teams Surrey Viper Squad we tried to push the limits of competitive Airsoft. Now two of the main guys from that team have formed there own team, still remaining friends with SVS. We wanted to have a team that has a loadout, as well as making it a fun and friendly environment so that as well as taking the in game play seriously as well as picking the best 6 members and attempting to win competitions also playing Mislims ect.


We will be traveling the South East of the UK at most decent sites please look out for us and say hello. As you guys know im always on here too talking with you crazy bunch.


If you would like to join an organised team please feel free to send me a PM as all shapes, sizes and game styles are welcome.


We will have a website up and running soon, where the www.TeamSVS.co.uk site used to be with a new web address, watch this space, and a facebook like page. Come and say hello if you have the time.



Sinister 616







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