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Blackwater 1911 R2 CO2 4.5mm spares/parts?

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I have a Blackwater 1911 R2 CO2 4.5mm GBB (I presume made by KWC).

E.g: http://www.platoonstores.co.uk/blackwater-1911-r2-c02-blowback-177-4-5mm-bb.html


I would appreciate any advice/tips/links (possibly from anyone who's failiar wih this particular model) regarding:


1. Part spares: internal/external (I'm suspecting some of the TM, KWA parts may fit):


- side grips

- mainspring housing

- slide

- springs


2. I may be looking to strip the paint at some point either from the slide only or from the whole pistol (it's full metal).

Has anyone had any experience with removing paint from metal parts using any over-the-counter available paint strippers (UK)?



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generally the .177 is an airgun calibre, never seen plastic .177 bbs.

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