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wait, cruise control was on.


yes, it's squeaky. Try adjust the motor height a touch and see if that makes a difference.

Failing that it could be your shimming a little tight




and from the ones I've seen, this is it: G&G motors in the combat machines are naturally quite squeaky. Sometimes everything can be perfect but the motor just shrieks like a banshee

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its both mate^

I own a g&g and not long ago mine was making that, i bought a new motor and spent hours shimming the gears and getting the motor pinion to gear height perfect and now theres no squeak at all!

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Coolies, what motors do you recommend? Ideally sub £20, but would rather pay for something better if I need to.


Shiming is definitely likely to be out as I did it myself and I haven't got a clue. Can you point me towards any decent guides or videos? Most of the ones on you tube don't actually talk you though how to shim, just show you what a shimmed gear should look like.

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Personally for a decent motor, you wont get one for that budget, I got an SHS High Torque Motor for £35 and it works amazingly well with my high speed set up.

http://airsofttutorials.com/ is great for any internal work tutorials

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