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My review of the G&D DTW MAX 3 MK18

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So not to long ago I bought the G&D DTW Max 3 MK18 with the new updated ECU and MOSFET and thought I would do a little review of it, sorry to say I won't be posting any pictures at this time. So here goes for my first ever review of Anything lol.


Upon opening the box your presented with a nice looking training weapon, it's not packaged up like your standard AEG's though which seemed careless to me everything was free to move about which thankfully enough the magazine lip was still intact.


So moving on to getting the weapon out, feels nice in your hand and to be honest it's not much heavier than an AEG which I was expecting it to be. Has all the nice trade marks on the body and RIS and a functional bolt catch. Opening the weapon up was a task the rear pin is rather solid but that may just be on mine but I must say it's nice and easy to do your upgrades if you want NO messing around like an AEG which I Love..... Pull the charging handle and out comes the cylinder set then you can remove the hop chamber and barrel.


Disappointingly from the word go I've had a number a faults which I have to rectify which is annoying, the standard cylinder that it came with has been smashing BBs inside the hop chamber so that was replaced and the Hop cushion was loose so making the BBs curve coming out of the barrel so that has had to be changed but that's for the better. Also the MK18 RIS that came with it was loose so that had to be fixed as well.


Moving on to programming the ECU/MOSFET, this is an easy task to set out to do just press down the bolt catch and trigger and the ECU will beep once programming has activated then pull the trigger how many time you would like the burst to fire, so if you wanted 10 pull the trigger 9 times and on the 10th pull hold it down, EASY but no surprise the MOSFET doesn't program or mine doesn't at least.


The front body pin had to be replaced as well as was very loose.




Moving on to actually firing it well I must say fun is not the word despite all the faults that soon made up for it all. great accuracy after upgrades and great power, the top gear sets itself to the same position after ever shot and they are 11.1v LiPo ready as are most.


Pros :


Easy to upgrade.

Brilliant trigger response, floorless actually.

PTW compatible from stock.

Ideal for first training weapon.


Cons :


Part replacement a strong possibility.

ECU/MOSFET doesn't work properly.


Overall ratings out of 10.


Value for money : 5/10

Usability : 7/10

Build quality : 4/10


Sorry if this is a poor review it's my first ever one.




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A good honest and proper review. A lot of reviews on personally owned items can be somewhat rose tinted as the owner is already in love with the product but your review was completely true and straight.

Looking forwards to your next review as I avoid all fanboy ones lol

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Well I've completed my upgrades on this DTW which it is now fully working. As my review said upgrades with this as standard is a must and unavoidable.


Its had the following dropped in


E-tiny electrics full set

PTW Barrel

PTW hop chamber

Systema air nozzle part B

Systema air nozzle guide Part A

Systema piston head & piston

systema spring

systema spring guide


before this it didn't fire straight and was 302Fps on chrono its now 340Fps with very accurate.


Personally I wish I had saved another £180 on top of what I'd already saved and bought the Celcius DTW would have saved myself some money.

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