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Hello from the Netherlands

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Heya all!


I'm a 19 year old student from the Netherlands, and next year I'm going to study in London for half a year.

What does this mean; Well I get thrown in the middle of nowhere,and I can't airsoft in the Netherlands anymore!


Well to solve those 2 problems I would like to continue airsofting in the UK :) Good way to continue on my sport and to meet some people! I have registered to this forum to find out a bit about the legal issues related to airsoft in the UK and it can't hurt to join another community :) I have questions like, am I allowed to bring my own gun? Should I buy a second handed one when I get in the UK and sell it when I go again and these kind of questions. What should I do to be able to get one. Here we need to have a Certificate of Conduct, is that worth anything in the UK?


If you have some anwsers for me, or any questions (airsoft related and not airsoft related), feel free to ask!

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I don't think a Dutch certificate will really mean anything over here.


I know that people have brought their guns over before, you need to pack it separately and declare it, also worth checking with the airline or something but I know that it should be allowed.

If you wanted to buy a gun whilst you are here it would have to be two-tone, I'm sure you know we are allowed RIFs (realistic imitation firearms) over here but simply put you have to go to three games within a year and not in under 2 months.

I guess if you are only living over here temporarily you couldn't get the UKARA defence (which you need for black / realistic guns)


I don't know about places you can play in London but a good store is Pro Airsoft Supplies which is excellent.

I hope this helped! Welcome to the forum and enjoy your time in England when you come over :)

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Hello Mr B, thanks for the info ;)


I'll try to look into bringing my own gun over, but I don't think this will be possible for such a long time so will probably be a temporary two tone (does have something sexy to it :P ). I think I'll just buy that one second handed on this forum and sell it when I go back :) Then and no other needs to start playing after that? I'll try to find some playgrounds near london :)


Thanks for the info and looking forward to playing here :)

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