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Wolverhampton Site Opening Games Sunday 6th April 2014

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New World Order - "Retaliation"

For many years people were ridiculed for thinking that a clandestine power elite with a globalist agenda were conspiring to rule the world through an authoritarian world government driven by greed and profit to overthrow the sovereign nation-states of the world.

Their warnings and conspiracy theories fell on deaf ears, until it was all too late.

Then it happened!
Democracies and governments across the globe fell quickly with political leaders and supporters arrested by shadowy uniformed figures on charges that seemed impossible only to never be seen or heard from again.

Powerful and influential Royal Families from several nations were wiped out in what an official report stated “a series of tragic and purely coincidental accidents”, what few eye witnesses there were we knew had been bullied into silence or they simply just disappeared without trace.

A state of martial law was applied on a global scale as the people began to show their anger. At peaceful and organised demonstrations civilians were seen gunned down in cold blood by thugs in uniforms bearing no insignia who then disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

The months passed and the atrocities worsened as the populace were engulfed in fear and loathing of what the world had become, no-one was safe anymore.

Military and police forces had obviously been corrupted from within as some of them battled with their conscience to what was happening. Some continued to carry out the dubious orders from a hazy line of command not knowing who or for what cause they were serving, whilst other brave souls risked almost certain death by refusing point blank and resigning from their positions.

Those that resigned secretly met up over a number of months easily recruiting other former military, intelligence and police personnel, soon the renegade underground movement called “R Wing” was formed. With these new assets they planned to carry out covert operations in a desperate attempt to disassemble this “New World Order”.

Through intelligence sources a target has been acquired.

The Retaliation begins!



  • Take the bunker and infiltrate the compound
  • Destroy the communications station
  • Find the secret laboratory.
  • Prevent "The Boss" from taking off and assassinate him.

Walk on £30 (pre booking required & pay on the day)


Booking Link


Look forward to seeing you there :)

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