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Mr Monkey Nuts

Good Day Esquire.

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Hi, I'm 25 living in Manchester, looking at starting out in the world of Airsoft.


It all started when Mrs Monkey Nuts and I bought some Nerf guns to mess about in the house with. That quickly progressed to me picking up a HFC glock from "justabunchofcowboysinashed.com"


She quickly went off the idea, which pointed me towards the airsoft world. One thing led to another and a bit of googling threw up a few local sites, Trojan, First and Only, and The Mill. Things are a go, I though. A little bit more googling an I stumbled across gunstar and a nice looking GR16 at a great price, local to me. A spur of the moment couple of texts and I was "tooled up" with a pre loved, two tone G&G GR16 EBB and a load of spare mags and accessories .... with "only a couple" of teething problems.

The blow back wasn't working, only needs a spring, easy fix. Oh and a fuse, you can get it anywhere, even halfords. So a trip into maplin on the way home throws questions into the air. They don't stock 20amp 20mm radio fuses and can't even get them, same story for halfords, and an independent ironmongery. I even went into my local vintage radio repair shop, who basically laughed and commented on the Taiwanese electronics. I picked up a selection of 2 to 10 amp to see what happens.


So I get home with a new gun, itching to get plinking and I realise the only BBs I have are the Chinese HFC diarylea balls half of which had already been shot, so I settled with a few dry shots. Going great I though, went through a few low amp fuses but gun was firing nice and sounded good. Then it slowed down considerably to a stop. Must be the battery, calculated the charge time and output of the Chinese charger, plugged it in an started itching. Whilst I waited I did some more reading about the broken spring, which turns out to not be a spring at all! It was the bolt cover, that slides with the magpul when firing. It actually needs to be replaced or brased, a few attempts and I gave up. It's only superficial so decided to remove it and live without it. Getting the spare parts seems impossible.

By now the battery is charged, pug it in an half a shot and a clunk. What now? I could hear the click of the motor, but it wasn't turning the gearbox. I was livid. Money wasted, and to top it all, the more forums I read, the more I saw the Airsoft rule, "don't buy pre owned .... unless it's cheep and you can fix it".


So what did I have to lose? A broken gun and money down the drain, out came the gear box. Some more google, youtube, a lot of coffee and a few choice words and I had taught myself how a v2 gearbox works and how to rebuild it. Battery in, pop pop smile. It worked, I was so relieved to know I haven't thrown my money away and learnt something most players are scared of, all before I have even fired a pellet, let alone seek a skirmish.


The next day I found myself escorting Mrs Monkey to Leeds for a work meeting, while she was busy I nipped over to Johnson's of Leeds and to Patrol Base. Both gave me some fantastic advice and gave me a lot of confidence about what I was about to get into.


Now I'm here, looking to do my first skirmish this week. Can't decide between The Mill, Huddersfield or Trojan in Stockport.


Be gentle ....

Mr Monkey Nuts


TL:DR - Lots of noob mistakes, bought a broken gun, Hello.

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