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Hey fellow airsoft addicts!

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Hey guys I'm Andy. I'm 25 and from Loughborough (Leicestershire). My callsign is 'Happy' and was given to me based on my "sunny disposition" (did you pick up on the sarcasm there?).


I've been into airsoft since I was in sixth form though I left the hobby for some time and only got back into it last year. The main site I frequent is F&Os 'The Embassy' since it is literally just up the road from me (helps that I absolutely LOVE CQB sites). Would love to play at sites further afield but lack the means to get to them in most cases.


Loadouts wise I have quite the eclectic mix as I don't like running a "regular" milsim-esque loadout. Because of that I have gear tailored towards a number of different loadouts ranging from a VDV paratrooper, Army of Two, post apocalyptic survivor (Metro 2033 style) and a number of others.


I have several weapons in my collection though my current favourites are my Maruzen CA870 (sawn off or folding stock depending on my mood), ICS MX5 A5 and my recently acquired JG Skorpion vz61. That said I do have a strong preference for shotguns and Eastern Bloc weaponry which is reflected in my small armoury.


See you in game (maybe)!

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Welcome. You're not the only one with transport issues. Why is it that Airsoft sites always have the safety brief 30 mins before trains start running on a Sunday?

Last week it took me 3 hours to get to a skirmish, I had to cross Bristol by one of the few buses running at that time of day with a long walk to get the bus and from the bus stop to the site. I did it in full WW2 webbing and had blisters before the game even started :)

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