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TBB Choice / Opinions Please

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OK so Morena my CM.048 is good but, since I went with a Guarder SP100 spring to get her fit for wimpsoft, she is underpowered. I miss the extra 6-8m+ of hop induced flat trajectory that 345-50FPS gives over 325-30. Given that she has a 496mm inner barrel, the cheap answer would be an Element M105 spring, but I'm thinking that a decent TBB may be better for grouping as well as range. I don't want this thread to turn into another FPS doesn't equal range argument: if a good hop set up produces good range, then more kinetic energy through the same hop produces greater range and this holds true for any of the FPS limits which are relevant to this thread; end of.

In theory there is no budget limit, because if I'm convinced that something is worth what it costs, I can always save up. Front runners on my list of good stuff I'd like to try are:

Modify Hybrid 6.03mm + gumka Hop-Up - 455 mm = £39.53 delivered from gunfire.pl (+14 points)


Modify Hybrid 6.03mm + Hop Rubber - 469mm = £38.89 delivered from amazon.com Staiper doo

Either Modify Hybrid would also need an H-Nub of some description so that's another £3-10-ish, depending on which one, and they also have a rep for being a right ballache to fit successfully. However, on the plus side, they are reputed to be capable of providing up to +20FPS to an M4 (over and above that gained by dropping diameter from 6.08 to 6.03mm). It's supposed to be down to the amazing air seal properties of the ridged rubber and grooved barrel. I dunno... I mean, maybe M4 hop units allow for more leakage, because I can't imagine much getting past a good smear of grease in an AK hop unit, but I am bloody curious. I mean shit, I could get +50FPS, which would mean I'd have to drop to an M90 spring, costing another tenner, but how much faster would Morena's trigger response be on top of the 11.1V LiPo, 16AWG wire, Deans & AB MOSFET I've just kitted her out with?



FALCON 6.03 Precision Inner Barrel Set for AK47 / AK47S (455mm) - US$52.85 (£33.05) delivered from ehobbyasia.com

Buying this barrel set seems to be the only way to actually get my grubby mitts on one of these rubbers @mo (and for the last few months) and again, I am bloody curious. They seem to have an excellent rep and just by looking I suspect that what we have here is a fine example of standing on the shoulders of giants... in as much as a CYMA split nub is good, so 2 completely separate points of contact, each well on either side of the BB, when combined with a 4.28mm wide biro-mod nub* for close-to-perfectly even down pressure, ought to be better. Can't say I've read anything spectacular about the barrels, but nothing off putting either, so it ought to at least be good for 25-30FPS and a few inches off the 35m grouping. No need for an H-Nub, but probably an Element M95 spring downgrade... which would leave her a shade underpowered still, but without it she'd be putting out 350-60FPS, which is neither fish nor foul enough[sic]. Depending on exactly how she chrono'd with this barrel and the SP100 spring, I could maybe clip a couple of coils off to squeak in under 350FPS.

I haven't even bothered fucking about with Morena's gearbox internals yet, so whatever choice I make here, I could still get blistering trigger response as and when I decide to go there (even though I had made it a rule of thumb not to fuck with this GB) and I'm already impressed with how she's doing on sheer electric power alone.

So what do you lot think? Any other ideas? Problems I haven't thought of? Negative reviews? Better reviews of other options?

*I measured the exact maximum width the nub could be against the inside of the hop unit, rather than the thickness of the hop arm, so that it has nowhere to move and no way to tilt (since it is not squidgy like a rubber nub) using digital Vernier callipers. Obviously this figure is for a stock CYMA AK metal hop unit and other units may be different, but the point is that for less than a tenner it's possible to take the trial and error out of it.

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I can only feedback on the falcon hop rubbers. I get on very well with mine. Very straight and consistent bb trajectories combined with a tbb

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