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Brand new to the scene... knottingley

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Small intro:

Hi my names Shane, im 27. I own and run MG-Roverrepairs.co.uk and MGREC on facebook ( mg rover enthusiasts club)

Im very interested in joining in the Airsoft scene . Ie. collecting the weapons and accesories, entering tournaments near and around myself.

I live in west yorkshire WF postcode and was wondering if some of you can point me in the right direction for gainging EXP, making contacts, where to buy the weapons and accesories etc.

Im not affraid to travel as i travel for my job repairing cars nationwide.

( Ps. If any of you own an mg-rover, i can work for weapons :) )

Nice to meet you all.

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The nearest shops to you are the unit - havoc airsoft which is in knottingley and urban airsoft at normanton both have airsoft sites and urban claim to have one of the largest shops in the UK

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