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Help finding a barrel

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Madbull Python V2 comes in 285mm if you can find one, but you could always cut the longer one down with a hacksaw. Dress the end with a needle file and bob's your uncle.

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Why not get one "longer" and cut it to length ??? It's not realy that hard ...

1: A good metal saw to cut it,

2: Then a slightlly larger diameter (eg 8 mm) drill to give the ends a |\ /| end profile ...

3: a bit of high grain sand paper to ensure the end has no filings

4: Cleaning it with a cleaning rod and smooth paper :-)


;-) That's is ... so if you know your way around a tool box then just get a longer one and cut it to size ....


Just make sure you test it by blowing a bb through the barrel before you install it .... (Just to make sure theres no metal dust left)

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