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Op Gunrunner (May 17-18)

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Op Gunrunner

Date 17th-18th May

Location. Site 1 Ceri forest, Near Newtown and Welshpool

Price £35

Duration- 24hr event

Be on site by 10.30hrs for site and personal admin, startex 12.00hrs

Endex 12.00hrs sunday.

Hope you can all make it.

Location Syria and Lebanon border regions.

The Nato forces command structure have decided to support the Syrian militia in a major weapons resupply to assist in the efforts to overthrow President Mussa Dassad and bring balance and fair leadership back to the country with the help of the Lebanese prime minister.

Nato forces from the logistics and engineering branches supported by SFSG scout sniper units from both the UK and US are on hand to ensure that the weapons are received within a 24hr window, a handful of Syrian militia will act as guides through the local terrain.

The main issue facing the NATO forces is a large forested area where the tracks have been booby trapped with ied’s to slow down Nato forces. As well as ensuring they will be able to re-fuel en-route at two primary military re-fuelling points which are currently being held by 15 Division Special Forces of the Syrian army.


Nato forces

Defend the convoy at all costs,

Clear all tracks of ied’s using mine detectors. (These will be provided on the day)

capture and defend any enemy refuelling depots.

Gather intel from enemy forces on potential ied threats in the area as well as fuel and ammo depot’s in the area,

SFSG scout sniper units are to identify the refuelling and ammo depots and report back to your oc prior to any attack.

The main body of the Nato forces are to act as a close quarters QRF, for the convoy should their passage come under threat before your OC gives the command for a main assault on any enemy held installations held by the SFSA.

Then it is on to the final destination which is heavily fortified by the 15 Division SFSA.

15 Division SFSA.

Stop the convoy and defend re fuelling and ammo depot’s to the last man, using long range mortars if necessary.

The SFSA have a specialist counter sniper unit already deployed in the forest and have been tasked with tracking down and eliminating any enemy scout sniper units in the area.

Gain intel from enemy forces with regards to their operation, route or final destination.

Place ied’s on the tracks to slow down Nato forces.

Uniform requirements.



MTP, DDPM, desert atacs or special forces loadouts.ETC

Alan Sladen-Dean Llm
Damian Sladen + 110 milspec landrover
Corey davies
liam Thomas
mark Williams
gerwyn davies
dai storey
tom michall
Chris Maddog D
Gareth fletcher
Alex Simmonds

Rebecca Sleeman

Mike John Fox

George ing

Shannon Craig

Robert Parsons
Oliver Douglas Fenton

Ryan Astley
Ash watters
Scott Tate
Paul Martin

Ryan Astley

SYRIAN Forces.

DPM, Flecktarn, Atacs fg, Local area dress etc.

Paul N
Ian Laverick + 90 Milspec Landrover
Nick Berry + 90 Milspec Landrover
Matt Calfe

Ron Mahoney

Clive Bowes
Iain Milispec

Lewis Mahoney.

Dave Meakin

Jon Read
Andrew Clemas
Thomas Clemas
Ed Clemas

William Pethard Llb
Warren Ganser
Sean Ganser
Malcolm McColl
Stewart Mccoll
James Branscombe
Donald Branscombe
Richard Florence
Stuart Gallen
Graham Gallen
Chris Pottie

Awaiting team selection.

Steve Mason
Alex Bolton
Peter Podmore
Graham Allan
Paul Martin
Carwyn 'Caz' Lloyd Roberts

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Bookings updated. If ive missed anybody let me know and ill pop you on the list. 50 + attending with three milspec vehicles to add to the game as well. Keep the bookings coming in and if your considering coming , just get your name on add yourself to the event.

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