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Hello! Brand new player here

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Hi guys,


Been wanting to try Airsoft for years and finally got chance to last weekend at The Embassy in Leicester.


I loved almost every second of it. Being shot in the spine wasn't great and has left me with back ache but I'm sure it will go away!


I was using all hire gear when I went. I quickly learnt what my priority was in terms of buying gear.


Hoping to go again in April before the site shuts. If not, does anyone know of a good CQB site in the East Midlands preferably. I'm from Leicester so The Embassy was a good site for me.


In terms of gear, this is what I'm going for.


On the way I have a black Swat style Vest, Some black hard back gloves (Both from ebay). A black helmet with velcro bought on these forums from SzymonS92 and a TMC V2 Strife Mesh face mask from ebairsoft.

Once the Helmet arrives, I'll likely be starting out with some mesh goggles, depending what fits best with the helmet. They seem to be a lot cheaper than a good pair of perspex goggles.

I've given myself a budget of £30 per month (Got a wedding to pay for so can't be more), but I've managed to earn a little extra this month.


Next month I'll hopefully be getting a Black UBACS to go with it all.


Guns are far off yet. I need to find another good site first and sort my UKARA memberhsip out. That gives me plenty of time to figure out what gun I actually want.


Anyway, more than likely see some of you on site. Any advice is always welcome, but remember my VERY tight budget :P








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welcome mate.


My best advice and please listen carefully.


Dont have the wedding, dumb the girlfriend before she becomes a wife!!!!! And spend all the money you would have saved on Airsoft stuff an strippers!!!


If that is not a an option and your really set on this one then i suggest you visit www.Aliexpress.co.uk for most of your gear ect as its cheap , reliable.

Your ened up changing your kit as you go along and find what kinda player you are ect so just enjoy it mate, this hobby takes a hold of you big time the next thing you know you spent £1000 on stuff and still need another £2000.



Hope you have fun welcome to the forum , most of the guys on here are very humble and welcoming so will give you great advice.





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