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Starter guide for noobs

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I really want to get into airsoft and have looked around the internet for a helpful guide into what is needed to take my first steps into this hobby. i want a good quality gun like a m4 style but i also want all the extras (extra mags,foregrip,sight,dump bag, vest ,sling, gbb pistol preferbly m1911)

but i have been unable to find a good enougth guide to help me. i have no set budget and i want your help to introduce me a noob into your world


much appreciated



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Start by finding a site and go and hire a few times.

While there, ask people questions about guns, see if you can hold a few different ones to see what suits you.

For an M4 consider a G&G combat machine, for anything else, find a gun you like the look of and ask about it on these forums. People will tell you whether it is any good and suggest who makes a similar one that is better.

You have 2 months to look around and ask questions while you sort out UKARA, use this time wisely.

You will want some boots and basic camo clothing, check out britishmilitarysurplus.co.uk

For other gear look at Taiwangun.com as they are cheap, based in Poland so no tax or duty to pay and if you spend over £50ish you get free delivery.

For guns try Landwarriorairsoft.com, patrolbase.co.uk, and any other web site people will mention in response to this thread, just avoid anything with bbguns in the name. If there's one that's near you that's a bonus as if you have any problems its easier to sort out and you can go and try stuff before buying it.

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Welcome to the forums :)


You can get decent guns from taiwangun.com too / and gunfire.pl


and in the uk - uk-airsoft.com are good people to deal with - they are open to negotiation over prices, especially if you buy a bunch of stuff at the same time.

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