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Please help guys from Russia with 16 AAB PF questions

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Greetings to all from cold and distant! (I beg your pardon for my English)

My name is Vladimir )) I'm from the Nizhniy Novgorod.We with the guys do airsoft team reconstruction 16 AAB PF the period of operation Herrick 13 Afghanistan 2010.
The main question of this clothing and gear used this subdivision if anyone has info photo video please share.

More precisely interested in:
Does the unit used camouflage МРТ and equipment/gear in DPM or DDPM colors?

Does the the division used the Osprey Body Armour MK4 in this period?
Is it true that PF used of PLCE in Afghanistan 2010? If Yes then what colors?


Thank you in advance

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the PFs are part of the parachute regiments, yes they would have worn MTP and the gear would have been of a similar colour.

Again yes i believe they used MK4 osprey, i had seen that some people wear belt rigs with their armour and rumours of people wearing their plce webbing but i dont think it was common practice as an IED explosion would tear it apart and cause serious Frag.


this is my knowledge, people may know more.

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