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G&G Top Tech TGR-418

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I think the type number is wrong.

It doesnt mention the MosFet so I have to assume its a Gen2.


Doesnt look that cheap allowing for the exchange rate. As it is in Dublin and you are in Northern Ireland, it might be cheaper to get it mail order from England.

Check out the pricing in Pro Airsoft Supplies and Airsoft Zone. The latter has Gen2 at GBP 264.


Edited to add that it says Gen2 in the reviews tab section.


What is the FPS limit in Eire ? I seem to recall it is less than in the UK?

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In Ireland the guns are roughly around 1 joule, which is around 325 to 328 fps, i'm not sure if that is the fps site limit they have their, in Northern Ireland its the same as the rest of the UK 328 fps. Can anyone tell me if there is a big difference between the version 2 gearbox and the version 3, I already have a CM16 Raider L and it has a version 2 gearbox, I am looking get a new gun, preferably with a version 3 one.

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