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TM VSR10 G-SPEC opinions (stock)

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Hi everyone, I'm wanting some options on the TM vsr10 g-spec. I don't intend to upgrade it in any way and was just wondering if anyone has one that is stock?





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Mine is probably as stock as you can get,only parts that have been replaced are wear parts. I've had two now and it's one of my favorite guns out there.


Don't worry about externals,rock solid build,ABS stock is very strong,receiver and outer barrel are made of good quality aluminium. Stuff like the bolt handle and rail,although zinc, seem like a good quality alloy and have a nice zinc phosphate finish and looks pretty cool.


Hop up is really good,can go stock without the rubber wearing away for about 60,000 shots,My current VSR is second hand and has had mostly stock parts for a very long time,previous owner got it when it only came out,about 100,000+ shots on the clock now. One concern is that part of the adjustment mechanism can bend slightly if it's left under heavy stress for a long time,that happened to me but you can bend that plastic piece back with the use of a lighter. Barrel is 6.05mm in bore,it's brass and machined very well and has outperformed several tightbores.


Stock air seal is spot on,most stock ones I see pump out 280FPS +/- 3 FPS on average.


Because the VSR Gspec's cylinder volume is too large for it's barrel,the gun likes low FPS. 380 seems to before BBs start flying everywhere.


My main complaint really,is the stock trigger sear system and the cylinder pin. Sears are made of low quality zinc and can break easily. SHS,PDi or Laylax replacement are super cheap and common though. The pin is there to reinforce the cylinder head and to keep you from upgrading,you can drill it out easily but it's made of super hard steel.


Piston is okay,but I'd get a LayLax or PDi one for the steel catch end and better air seal,gives a nice boost in power too. ALWAYS keep the air brake on any piston,this is crucial for Gspecs for accuracy and stable air flow.


Let's face it,you're going to upgrade anyway as you go along. PDi are the best quality parts you can get,followed by LayLax and LayLax followed by Taiwanese clones. Don't buy Chinese made parts. just don't.


I've upgraded the hop rubber,as mine has worn out,piston,sears(Also wear parts) and done a few DIY mods to help increase performance.


Note,if you have good quality steel sears you need not worry about them if you're keeping it at around the 350FPS mark. After that I'd recommend going over to a 90 degree mechanism for the sake of reliability.


I'd say upgrade as parts break or wear out. Slap on a nice 4x ACOG style sight,the suppressor,which works REALLY well and have a nice stealthy-scout cannon thing.


Xfire.com is your friend for PDi upgrade parts. They're based in Japan,very good customer service and good shipping prices.

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