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Air-soft team I.C.U (Infantry Combat Unit)

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Infantry combat unit or I.C.U for short is an air-soft team from Stevenage that is sponsored by Combat-UK, a shop in our local town in Stevenage.


Hey, if you're from Hertfordshire or the surrounding area's why not pop into the shop and check out some of the Amazing items that are for sale and if your feeling generous why not like our Facebook pages we have a brilliant competition on at the moment for a Ooshiboom grenade, for more information on this competition go check out our Facebook at the links below!


We also post on the Facebook page what sites we will be playing at so you can meet us in person, hope to see you soon :D


I.C.U Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Infantry-combat-unit-ICU/494101164018570


Combat UK: http://www.onlyairsoft.co.uk/


Combat UK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Combat-Uk-Stevenage/383470528391096?fref=ts


I.C.U YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3lu9grSZdwH9OsIe-M7-xg?feature=watch :rolleyes:

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I've moved this to New Arrivals because I feel that's as generous as I can be. General Discussion is not the place for what is clearly an advert, but since there's a team involved, Places To Buy doesn't quite fit. Naturally other Mods/Admins may feel differently: for eg couching an Ad within a Team Announcement may seem to some like trying to squirm around the letter of the Rules to evade the spirit of them, which those who made them may take personally...

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