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Feeding Issue or User Issue?

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Hi all!


I could do with some advice please on my new KWA MP9.


When I first got it last week, I gave it a once-over with some silicone grease and then tested it on a firing range. The magazine was pretty awful at feeding BBs to the gun, the spring was grinding on the mag, and I had to re-cock the gun a lot even if the BB looked like it was in the right place.


So - I got home and did a proper job on the magazine, the spring now moves perfectly and it is shiny clean (amazing how much dirt are on those things from new!). This morning I was testing it out, and for about 200 rounds it was working perfectly. After that it started showing the old symptoms, the BBs weren't feeding properly, I had to re-cock the gun even with a BB in the right place etc etc.


My question is - do I need to attack the gun with silicone grease now, or was it because I put maybe 300 or more rounds through the gun, one shot at a time, with pretty much no cool down time? Was it the mag cooling down causing these issues?





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