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Gun Cleaning & Maintenance Kits

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So some bits I use to look after my guns came up in bornleverpuller's 1st gun advice thread and, rather than my habitual disgraceful thread hijacking &/or perverting the course thereof, I thought I'd start a new one for a change.





_1 Surplus SA80 Cleaning Kit Case

_2 LED to see down the barrel

_3 Surplus SA80 Bore Cleaning Ribbon for the occasional good Inner Barrel scrub

_4 Mixed Snap-On & ACM Allen Keys

_5 Gucci Allen Keys for tight Grub Screws

_6 Thin sliver of steel for holding Gears in place/poking them when reassembling Gearbox Halves

_7 Bent Paper Clip for hooking Anti-Reversal Latch before opening Gearbox to de-tension Spring

_8 Surplus SA80 Nylon Inner Barrel Safe Spiral Brush (attaches to 11 Bore Snake) for removing mud

_9 Pokey end of Plastic Cleaning Rod w/ melted thread (attaches to 11 Bore Snake) for unjamming BB's

10 Surplus SA80 Brass Spiral Brush (can attach to 11 Bore Snake) for removing mud from Flash Hider, Mag tops, etc. but not Barrel

11 Surplus SA80 Semi-Stiff Bore Snake w/ thread end & ribbon slot end - all brass edges sanded round & smooth to prevent Inner Barrel scratches

12 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs for cleaning Inner Barrel

13 Mini Multi-Tool for Pliers, Knife & File (who knows what might bend/break on site)

14 Abbey Silicone Oil

15 Cleaning Solution = part Isopropyl Alcohol, part Diethyl Ether (for use with 3 Ribbon)

16 Gucci Teflon Grease refills small tub

17 Surplus SA80 Brass Scrubbing Brush for cleaning dirt from Furniture, Sights, Bipod Legs, etc.

18 Multi-Screwdriver looks shite, is pretty good - magnetic

19 Jewellers' Screwdrivers for Hop Up & Switch Screws + fast un/do of loose screws

20 Handy length Posi Drive

21 Right Angle Screwdriver for ICS AKS-74U Hop Unit-Receiver screws

22 Surplus SA80 Grease Applying Swab

23 Surplus SA80 Bore Rods, Bore Rod Handle, Bore Rod w/ fitted plastic pokey end in case a BB gets super-jammed


It's small enough to drop into my bag whenever I go to a skirmish day and has just about everything covered. I do usually take my Gerber multi-tool as well though, just because... and my pocket knife, which is not far off scalpel sharp. At home it's handy to keep everything together.


What does everybody else use?

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personally I tend to just brush the leaves and big chunks of mud off things and waz it back in the cupboard for next game.


I clean the barrels when my accuracy starts to deteriorate. This is usually once a year due to my analness about BB cleanliness, and lack of use of the rifle as a spade or gardening implement, so no muck ever ends up inside the rifle.

Pistols get a clean and lube when they stop cycling properly.


I know I SHOULD clean them better/more often, but I can't be arsed tbh. my rifs all perform as well as, if not better than, everyone elses and all run for just as long, if not longer. If/when that changes, maybe I'll change my cleaning habits too.

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i love seeing stuff from the army on airsoft sites. as when they name stuff im never sure if its the proper name or one they have made up. as in the army people just call thing stuff but on records its called something else. like you have said no 11. in army is just called a pull through. no idea of the offical name. lol.

i use my old weapon cleaning kit as they dont ask for it back. amended slightly like your but not as extensive. i prefer my leatherman to the gerber tho. but good bits of kit.

i dont use it regularly either but take it on the day just incase and when doing maintenace as its nice to have it all in one place.

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like you have said no 11. in army is just called a pull through. no idea of the offical name. lol


I think Ian referred to it as No11 because its number 11 in the picture ;)


However that is a good set of kit, hadn't thought of using the alcohol wipes for gun cleaning but your link on the thread to the person on ebay selling job lots has me interested, I've just been using kitchen roll cut into 50mm by 50mm patches and inserted into the standard cleaning/dejamming tool they supply.


For on the go barrel unblocking I've heard net curtain stuff is pretty damn good, its flexible and rubber covered so no scratch worries, you can cut the ends to a wedge if you want and because it is so flexible you can basically wrap it into a small loop and stick it any pouch or even thread it into your webbing/PC

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That pull through/bore snake is the same stuff as net curtain cable :lol: just with nice brass ends on it!


I have a complete SA80 cleaning kit, with a few overlaps of older/newer stuff, just for the collector-nerdism, although 1 thing I am missing still is a T-bar handle rod. But yeah, I have only the most general idea what most of the various brushes are actually for or what any of it is called :lol:

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