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Simon Rees

Piston Recommendations

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Basically a (hopefully) more considered version of "What am bestest piston".


So, maiden voyage for my scratchbuild Noveske N4, "Margaret".


Everything going swimmingly until lunch. Got a blockage. Tried a burst of full auto to try and clear it. Nothing. Tried again, nothing, and again, sound changed. "Maybe it's coming clear", think I. Just one more burst should do the trick. Tried again.


Sound changes again.


Not in a good way. Now sounds very rough!


Took the GB apart in the safe zone. Piston teeth stripped.




Finished the day on the back up and I'm now looking for a replacement piston.


A mate whose opinion I value suggested a polycarb piston and not one with full metal teeth.


This fits the bill:




Does anyone have any first hand experience of these, or any solid recommendations based on having fitted and used anything else?


Also thinking of adding the silent piston head and cylinder head. Same question as above.


And mental note to self. When a blockage occurs, resort to cleaning rod, not full auto. :(


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Shoulda said, in case it's relevant - it's a standard G&P Ver 2 Mechbox with a passive braked Airfet and a clipped M120 spring giving approx. 308 FPS and approx 16 RPS on a 7.4 LiPo.

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