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advice for my next spring

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Hey thanks for taking time to read this, I brought a second hand ak cyma .42-s stock it was firing at 430 fps my local site is 345fps limit so after reading online I opted for madbull m100 spring. I also added a tk twisted inner barrel, lonex hopup and madbull shark finn bucking.also replaced O-rings on piston head as I could compress it while putting finger on nozzle. Tested again and now I'm down to 295 fps I was hoping to be around 330-340 fps. Should I just go for madbull m110 spring or a brand that's slightly harder spring also is my bucking effecting my fps a lot ? I notice it has 3 finns around bucking which would give resistance and effect fps ? This is my 1st gun so am learning as I go, any input would be most grateful


Thanks Craig

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