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Age Limits

The minimum age to play is 16, unless both the following conditions are met.

1) You are accompanied by a playing adult (over 18). and a parental consent form is to be filled in and signed by their legal guardian.

2) Your accompanying guardian has signed the insurance disclaimer on your behalf,

Game rules


Cheating will not be tolerated. Notify a marshal immediately and they will deal with it. NOT a couple of hours later, as the issue will have passed and this makes any resolution hard to deal with.

The BANG rule is not enforced in game; it’s more of a polite way of saying your hit than blatting away at someone from point blank range due to the density of the some parts of the site, so expect to be hit at from close contacts. However at close range we do expect common sense from all players.


Random Chronoing will be in operation at all events during game play. Any weapons found to be over the limit will be labelled and held in the admin vehicles until end of play Sunday to ensure the hot weapon won’t be used again. All players are asked to ensure that your weapons are under the MAX FPS limits for our site. Chrono will be available on site for players to check. See a Member of the admin at the safe zone at startex.

Medic & Regen Rules


Each player will carry 2 white bandages in their kit. Please supply your own when possible although we will have plenty to issue. When hit you will call out hit & LIE DOWN where you are with one hand in the air. Any team member can medic you back on your first hit. They will apply the bandage you will be carrying by tying it around your arm. Note: (This doesn’t mean you have the bandage out in your hand or already half way on). You are then immediately back in the fight. Note: If you have been shot and medic’ed back in by a team member the first hit lasts 30 mins before the bandage is removed. Then its back to the start of the medic rule. When hit for a second time (within 30 mins of the first), you will call out hit & LIE DOWN where you are with your hand in the air, you MUST BE attended to by a team medic, (To be sorted within your own sections at STARTEX), They will apply the bandage you will be carrying by tying it around your arm. You are immediately back in the fight. A third hit within 30 mins of the second hit you will call the hit but this time make sure you notify the opposing force that you are dead man walking and make your way back to your TAC location for a 5 min wait & re-spawn, this can also be used as chance to bomb up. If you aren't tagged/medic'ed within 15mins of either the first or second hit you bleed out - make sure you notify the opposing force that you are dead man walking and make your way back to your TAC location for a 5 min wait & re-spawn back into the game area. If any re-spawn points are overrun or in the middle of a heavy contact make your way to the nearest other re-spawn. Section Commanders to advise your troops of re-spawn points at all times.


Remember……dead men don’t talk


Hit taking

Airsoft relies on honesty - unlike paintball there are no marks left by airsoft bb’s. Nothing ruins an airsoft game faster than players not taking hits. Please help us to provide top quality airsoft game by being an honest player.

Definite ricochets do not count as hits.

When you are hit, shout 'Hit' and raise your hand and play down on the floor. When you are hit, do not talk to active players. "Dead men don't talk”.

Capturing the enemy.

If you wish to capture the enemy you firstly have to search them for hidden weapons and ied’s etc. However should you miss anything during your search then they are game on and the detainee can use his own initiative. No need to remove weapons as long as the player is happy to have them removed this also goes for Pyro. Any weapons not removed from the detainee should be made safe. You must medic him with a bandage and then he is alive for you to take back and keep for up to 20 minutes. Unless he is happy to stay longer?. Wet’s and nutty usually do the trick and under no circumstances should there be any type of torture techniques be used.


Escape from your capturer.


The only time a player can escape is if he is left unattended and is able to sneak away ! No Exceptions.




Unless stated otherwise, all of our events will run straight through the 24 hour period, normally with a 4 hour period in the middle of the early hours to down tools and give to everybody for some shut eye before endex.


The need for enforced rest will be catered for in a realistic manner throughout. Therefore a safe zone will be put into place to allow people who have travelled from afar to get some shut eye if they should require it. This will usually be in the vicinity of the car park.

Players will be deployed out into the field and will operate from their Bergen’s rucksacks etc, from Lay up Positions (LUP), TACHQ, and Observation Positions etc.

It is down to individual teams OC’s to create a rotation system where possible to achieve this. We do understand that the scenario on the day may not allow for this so OC’s need to be aware of all members attached under there guidance.

Personal kit


You are responsible for your own kit and TFBK cannot be held responsible for kit lost, stolen or damaged.



Arrival times

Time on site is 11.00hrs Saturday to allow for time to get people moved across site for various reasons & equipment divvied up & loaded onto wagons unless otherwise advertised.


(This only applies to weekend events, Single day events will be posted accordingly)

With ALL TFBK events, please try to make sure you are as ready as you can be with regard to kit & weapons prep. As soon as you arrive on site, or if your really good the night before.

Once on site.

Complete site admin if required & sign in.

This will then be followed by the Site Safety briefing and event overview.

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