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Ammo and Pyro limits

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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FPS Limits.


Chronos will be carried by all site admin staff during game days and reserve the right to randomly chrono any RIF in game at any time.


Failure to comply with the info below could mean you have an early drive home 370 fps maximum. With .2g BB's Please if possible only


use .2g or .25 g bb's. (Please don’t turn up thinking you'll get away with being chronoed with a .38g bb running at 370 fps and then drop


down to a .2g bb and be allowed in game. It won’t happen) and that’s not what we want.

Sniper rifles.

500 fps maximum – minimum engagement distance 20m. With a .38g BB at most.

Fixed support weapons.

400fps maximum with .2g BB’s But they should. Only be used as fixed support weapons, we don’t like Rambo moments on site.


Please use your common sense when the weather and climate changes as we don't want to be pulling Airsofters out of the game for

running HOT guns.

Any Airsofters who would like to attend but don't comply with or don't like the above rulings then don't bother.


TFBK encourages but does not insist on the use of LO-MID-cap mags. We do however; have an ammo limit of 800 rounds. Normally a


800 round limit for AEG’s will be in place. No loose ammo can be carried except in certain circumstances.


Support gunners can carry one full magazine or load with the weapon, This accurately reflects the role of support weapon gun team.


L86 or similar magazine fed support weapons a limit of 1200 rounds is allowed in magazines. This limit can be carried by the gunner &


his No 2. Support weapons must be of a type used & recognised in the real world ie. GPMG, M249 Minimi, MG3 etc. Box or 'C' mags on


M16's, AK47's are not support weapons & cannot be used as such.


Pistol ammo is outside of the limits but is restricted to one magazine loaded in the weapon plus one spare. Sniper rifles are limited to


the same 800 rounds.


Be advised that if you do not have the total magazine capacity to give you the allowed maximum load then you will be able to carry any





Only TLSFX and Enola Gaye products are to be used on site. Anybody found to be using any other PYRO will be at the first point


advised to remove it from the gaming area, If it is found again then the Admin team reserve the right to eject you from the property with


no refund. Any explosive pyro thrown within 3m of a person not behind hard cover is classed as a kill. Hard cover is defined as: a wall,


a large tree, (Not a few twigs or bushes) or in a ditch, (This would class as a large crater or trench like system )Not a pot hole. Smoke


grenades are not classed as explosive pyro’s & have no effect on personnel other than producing a smoke screen for an advance to target


or an exfil from a contact. To disable a vehicle using an explosive the pyro must be thrown within 15ft of the front of the vehicle, this is


to allow the driver to brake in time. All occupants are considered dead & the driver & his vehicle are captured for a period of 15 mins


should the OPFOR decide to use it. During the 15 mins the driver will obey the orders of the senior NCO/commander of the enemy team


or by the senior commander at that time. Captured vehicles can be used for any purpose. (Apart from a run to Maccys)

IED's & booby traps can & may well be used during this time so beware that the vehicle and or driver are searched correctly as the


medic rule also applies to the driver. If anything is triggered within 6m of you & you are not behind hard cover as described above it is


deemed a hit and the above actions should then be taken.

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.
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