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Calling All Left-Handed AK Owners (oh, go on then, you can too)

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In the beginning there was the AK and the AK was god.

And god said let there be cool, and there was cool.

And god called AK looked at the cool and saw that it was bad...

Yea, cometh in two parts doth the cool,

And lo, doth the cool increaseth beyond twofold though but remaineth alone one part.

Before all things, it is a mystery.


In case it isn't immediately clear they attach with the screws which hold the trigger guard / mag catch. I want the one for the right hand side, because I reload with my left, and I don't want to pay £26.50 (inc P&P + VAT) for a pair when one will not only look cooler but work better alone.


so pm me

And by all means, my friends, let us resurrect the discussion about AK ergonomics and this time concentrate more on what can be done to improve them :) I can reach the mag catch with my trigger finger without taking my right hand off the grip, but it's not comfortable. And then there's the infamous fire selector, which I can reach comfortably with my trigger finger, but it takes all the strength of my finger to operate the lever when it's nice and tight to the receiver...

I like the look of these King Arms solutions best...


...but I couldn't find anywhere that had the selector in stock. I wanted a plain ali foregrip too and even my HK angel couldn't come up with all of it this time. So I've gone with APS...


...because I could get them and the right grip all from airsoft-club.com and save P&P. I can foresee potential problems but, in comparison to KA or LCT and especially Hephaestus and Dynamic Star, they are quite cheap. If it turns out that I've made another mistake, at least you'll all get the opportunity to learn from it as well :lol:

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