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Slaughter House Skirmish (near Hull)

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Finally Hull has an Airsoft site!!! its been along time in the making, first there was the promise of "Green Man Down", which never happened :angry: , but the wait is finally over, i give you :-


Slaughter House Skirmish

They have a website http://www.slaughterhouseskirmish.co.uk/ and are on face book.


The site

The site is located in between Hull and Brough (but is technically closer the brough), just off the A63. Its relativly easy to find, but the access road from the A63 dose need improvement.

The site itself is an old pig farm (sorry no bacon there now :( ), and it is a developing/evolving site, there is lots to do to make it a epic, and more player suggestions the better. The owners/staff also operate the website http://www.airsoftdirect.uk.com/.


The car park has now been cleared, so there is off street parking (some people seem to make the lack of off street parking a major issue :wacko: )




Yep they have them, on the 2 occasions i have been they have had a player Marshall, as well as 2 - 4 actual marshals. before anyone gets too worried, both times i have been, there has been approx 10 players, as it is a new site. The staff are very helpful and friendly, and do know there stuff, but it is a new and developing site.




None as of yet, they do have a basic tuck shop (some drinks etc), which they have told me they will expand over time, to cater for the numbers of players etc. They are also willing to lend a hand should you have gun problems.




£20 walk on fee normal times are 12noon - 6pm though check there webby

£10 gun hire

i dont use pyro so i cannot comment there.


FPS restrictions


normal site limits apply, 350AEG etc etc




I cannot think of alot else to add atm, other then in my opinion its a great site, which given time etc, could be even better.

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I gatherd lol, if it was 30quid i probably would of brought it for a laugh

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We have priced it so high as anyone in the UK can purchase this item and we then have to drive all the way there make the sarnies and then drive back :D but we will do this when the first person buys it :)

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