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Alex The Destroyer

Best Motor For High Speed Set Up?

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The fps is abit low, it might be short stroked.


As for its internals I could only guess (am on my mobile ATM).


If it is short stroked, its possibly a low ratio/high speed set up, with a high torque motor, or it could be dual sector (I think that's right) gearing.


When I finally get a new 8mm gearbox for my mp5k, I plan on 13:1 gearing, lonex a2 motor, with a M120 spring, which should see me to 300fps, and 20-25bb/sec. Don't know if I will have to short stroke it or not yet.


As for the best motor, from my reading, systema (£80+) then lonex (£50+)

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He's using (as per his video description) 'moteur KANZEN STRONG'

in english:

Kanzen Strong

With the V3 ASCU and an 11.1


my M4 sees similar get up and go with a high torque, decent shim job V2 ASCU and 11.1

It's not hard to achieve decent ROFs these days.

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