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Azylum is coming... And it needs some staff!

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A new indoor site is opening in Worthing West Sussex early 2014. Here are the details of the site and the possible roles needed.


Please go to www.facebook.com/azylumgaming and send a private message if you meet the criteria on any of the positions below:


* Weapon and equipment technician - 5 years + experience and good knowledge of TM weapon, and able to fix AEG, Sprung and gas. A basic knowledge of TIC cameras and NVG's would be an advantage.


* 'right hand man' (gaming coordinator) - This position is for someone wanting to make there mark in the airsofting world. Your knowledge on Airsoft/weapons/rules/latestnews... Etc etc etc... must be at the highest standard. Azylum is taking it to the next level. With some of the most exciting new equipment, themes and scenarios.


If you live near Worthing and one of these positions is made for you please visit the Facebook page and give me a brief description on why you should work for Azylum.

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