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JD Airsoft

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I went into the store with a friend today and have to say as soon as I was let in (security door not a big problem) they all seemed to be nice folks.

I milled around the store for a good hour just looking at guns -3 of the four walls are covered by them!

I then started to look at plate carriers and vests to which I took a liking to a nice strike systems one , I took it up to the counter and ask for the price , they had trouble finding it on the system (possibly due to their recent arrival (fair enough) the problem arose when I later came back to pay for it having it held behind the counter as I continued to take in all of the awesomeness .When I returned and came to pay I found that the plate carrier was actually £139 to which I was some what disappointed, but the lovely ladies who were behind the counter helped me find something for around the original price I wanted . I was not too bothered by the technical error as they had not be listed and I think in hindsight the plate carrier would be too bulky for me so all in all a good thing.

Then I tried to chrono my shotgun on the chrono (free) but it broke due to unknown causes :(

To this the lovely young (yet still older than me ) girl who was serving me allowed to me to have a go on the range with the MP9 (something they only let potential buyers do!)

After going through a whole mag I turned to her with a big grin and this answered with another mag , which I was not expecting !

This was due to my ill fate of the Carrier mix up and the bugger up of my shotty :C


In conclusion ,

Great staff - keen to please and are easy to get on with and will go out of their way to help you (spend all your money in there)

Great shop - amazing variety of products all of which can be test fired if you want to (bar the AEP MP7 I originally wanted have a go with ,glad they didn't have the right battery now :P)

Great atmosphere - Everyone going about their own business yet still not oblivious to you


All in all - I would let them take my hard earned money off me again and not break my shotgun there...


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