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Mac 11 problems.

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Hey folks. After going through all my old airsoft items I came across my Mac 11. I bought it in 2004 or there abouts, and even after all this time it hasn't managed to repair itself.


The problem is, basically, the gun doesn't work at all. It used to work fine but after a year or so of having it it would jam, the blowback wouldn't work properly, the magazine would dump all the gas and it was rather useless. I have no idea why this happened, and I also have no idea how to sort it out. I suspect me taking it apart to try and find the problem didn't really help either.


So, I'm hoping one of you fine people could perhaps point me in the right direction and help me get this gun back to its former glory. If it's not something I can do myself for whatever reason, I would gladly send it to someone who knows what they're doing, along with some cash, so that they can fix the problem. I could also upload a video of it going wrong to give a clearer idea if needed.




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