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Greetings from Serbia

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Hello everyone ! :D

My name is Zeljko,or,if you like,for easier pronunciation...just Philip.

I am 34 years old.I live and work in Serbia,Belgrade.

Like most of you guys,and girls,i love airsoft. :D

I have a airsoft team,called On Water Land and Sky,or shorter O.W.L.S. Name derived from U.S. Navy Seal's (SEa Air and Land).We just reversed the SEAL meaning .

Sorry for my poor English.I will give my best not to offend you with my writing.

We would be proud to see you all here in Serbia for some airsoft friendship.All of you are more than welcome.

All the best



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Your English is at least 1,000,000 times better than my Serbian so don't worry about it, it's actually very good.


Welcome to the forums! I'd love to travel abroad for some airsoft action, but I think getting my kit over there might prove problematic =[

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Hi Zeljko,


What are the facilities like in Serbia for Airsoft?


Are there lots of organised fee paying sites like we have in the UK?

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Thanks guys for worm welcome.

To tell you the truth,there are many facilities for playing airsoft.

Me and my team have one cqb terain.It really look like post nuclear facility. We proudly call it Prypiat :-)

But,most of the airsoft playing is in the woods.Away from the civilian population. We don't want to upset them.

Airsoft in Serbia is very young....In 2010 first teams are formed. Many teams copy British armed forces.....from SAS,SBS etc.

For Serbian woods,best camouflage is British DPM. I mean,you can pass by the guy in DPM,and actually,not seeing him.

Opinions are different about airsoft here in Serbia. Many guys belive its a hoby,other thinks its a sport. Goverment doesnt even

recognize airsoft as a some form of a hoby,or a sport.

Aeg replicas are allowed,and police threat them as a toy. Unfortunately,Gbb replica's are not allowed,but we use them anyway :-)

What do you mean "fee for sites?" You mean do you have to pay?

Don't worry about gear,you can easily enter Serbia. We would be extremly proud to welcome all of you guys here !

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