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Baz JJ

BB Bags

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Firstly I would like to say that this is an independent review and I have no connection to the people selling these products online.


Irritated by the rattling that BBs make when you are trying to be covert and the noise difficulties you get with plastic bottles, grenade BB holders and speed loaders, I was interested to read a post by a forum member LtPurcy offering his BB ammo bags for sale.


Long story short, I bought one for an upcoming skirmish, he delivered it within 24 hours and I was well impressed with its ease of use.


Now I also ordered another one from Ebay from another supplier Airsoftammopouch which was in my preferred CAM material, Woodland.


The MTP one from forum member LtPurcy has a smaller opening which makes pouring easier and more controllable speed-wise and unlike the other product, it doesn't have a knot projecting into the neck which can disrupt the flow of the BBs causing them to jump. The Purcy model also has a scooped neck inside the bag which helps with BB flow and direction.


Cosmetically, I like the woodland one as its my personal choice of CAM and the green lid is more in keeping with the blending in. The maker has a wide choice of CAM versions on offer and even uses matching colour screw caps depending on the CAM colour chosen. However, I think the Purcy one is a better shape/size for my mag pouches and pouring from and into it is effortless with minimal spillage, so all in all a more practical buy.


The stitching on both is very good, unlike some of the other cheaper pouches on offer on Ebay. The airsoftammopouch version has slightly rounded material edges but it doesnt seem to have any practical advantage.


Price wise the MTP one with white lid as shown in the attached photo was £8.50 delivered by first class post and the one with the green lid was £9.10 on the same basis.




Approx Bag Sizes are:


airsoftammopouch 165x110mm excluding filler cap (small version)


purypurcell. 180x90mm excluding filler cap







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Got one of these and it's like a lil bean bag in my large utility pouch hardly any sound at all

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