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Which make Glock is most Authentic, VFC Stark Arms?

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Need help finding the answer.


I am after a Gas Glock 17/18c or 19. I like the idea of having Full Auto (18c) but would prefer a 17 or better a 19 as I think the 18c looks less attractive with its dial and slots on top of slide. Im more towards buying the 19 over a 17 as IMO it looks more in proportion.


Which make is closest to the real steel out the box, in terms of all the correct markings, weight, materials etc? Or will I have to customise and buy a Guarder kit to make it 100%?


Im not after the most reliable for the field but only as a plinker/ collectors piece.


I have seen these VFC/ Stark Arms (only online) and they look impressive. Has anyone seen these or would you recommend one over other makes? I see this is also Full Auto too ;-)


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